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dinsdag 17 april 2012

Breeding and "Boarding"

Breeder and COM Board member!
Hard times during the breeding season. Every year it is hard work because to many couples to create new things and of course new stock for the competition of the coming show season. This year for the first time in combination with the work for the Board of the COM. There was my visit to Italy to have a meeting with Mr. Salvatore Cirmi (president) and Carlos Ramoa (ad joint secretary). Mr. Cirmi has his office at the bureau of the FOI from which he is the President as well.
A real old country house renovated by the local council in which they have established “The MUSEO ORNITOLIGICO”.
A fantastic initiative to collect all the items about our hobby out of the past and bring it together into this museum. A collection of books, cages, plates and stuffed birds of all sorts. Increasing every year. This collection can be a very good help to get an idea of the mutations of all kind.
These birds are getting prepared in the region of Pordenone. For present times not the usual kind of work. On the road to your holiday address in Italy on the A1 south of Milano into the direction of Bologna a very nice break at the junction of Piacenza South. You’ll find this location straight at the first roundabout. Outside near the parking you will find a big bird flight of about 120 m2. When a school class of kids come to the Museum they all will stay in this flight as well to enjoy the birds and get in contact with this fantastic hobby of having and breeding birds at home.
This collectionair Cirmi did not give me any administration of the COM to get known in the daily work and running cases. However starting work for the COM is putting knowledge and experience into it and for me not to run on the path of the past. The job does exists as well by renewing communication and involve all members of the Board in the tasks to do. Lots of contacts are created and there is an open mind for new things.

My breeding at home did start slow but there are always new things to enjoy. The first Isabel Topaz and Brown Topaz. Clear in the back and with lots of melanin design. Again several males who competed at the World Championships at Spain unfortunately did not fertilize the eggs. A yearly problem. Like last year my World Champion male Brown Red Mosaic did not fertilise one egg. By keeping lots of males I try to reduce these risks. In the nests the Brown and Black Red Mosaics are looking very promising again. As well I did have problems with some birds which did arrive later at my cage. We all will find out problems but those have got to be solved and gives us all the benefit what we do achieve. The canaries has got to do the breeding and feeding complete by themselves. The other birds as well, like I am a member of the Natural Bred Gouldian Finch Club. Most did fall into mouth in February because of changing rooms but I am proud for some fantastic young classis Birds, Green red heads. The Zebra Finches did start together with the canaries at the end of February as well. Some Browns, Isabels and Pheao Red Breasts are born and give hope because of the shape and form of these young’s.

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