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dinsdag 5 maart 2013

COM World Championships 2014 Bari

The preparation of the 2014 COM World Championships at Bari is getting seriously. About 10 months before this Show the Committee Directive of the Com visited Bari to get informed by the Bari organisation. An experienced group of people who do every year the International COM Show at Bari now have accepted the job to do the World Championships.
The Show will be held in a very new hall, the Fierra del Levante, nearby the sea, the marina and old football Stadium at the north of Bari. About 16.000 square meter are available to exhibit the birds, the commercial stands and the bird market.

Bari can be reached very easy by plane. The Airport of Bari, Karol Woijtyla Airport, is nearby. Bari has about 325.000 inhabitants and lies in Puglia at the seaside. Because it is one of the bigger cities in the South it has a big Seaport. Bari is well known because of the Basilic of Saint Nicholas, the bishop of Myra. In here is the grave tomb of Saint Nicholas. This tomb was been stolen in the past by the Russians because of his importance for the Eastern Orthodox church. They did give the tomb back later. Unfortunately for the Dutch little children Saint Nicolas (Sinterklaas) can find the proof that Sinterklaas indeed is dead for about 1600 years already. They are lucky that replacements of the Bishop still do visit them every year and keep bringing  the presents the 5th of December.

The OMJ congress and the COM congress will be held in the Sheraton Nicolaus Hotel at Bari. Also the diner gala will take place in that hotel and can give a place on that gala to 600 people.
Many of us do want to book a Hotel in time. Because of that I give you all the details of the program in the other column at the right.
On this moment the breeding season is started for the most of us and most of the birds for the Championships have got to be born. 

 All the best with your breeding.

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