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woensdag 12 maart 2014

Meeting between COM/OMJ and the Dutch organisation of 'Mondial 2015'

On the 8th of March we, the Committee Directive of the COM and the Committee Executive of the OMJ, had a meeting with the  Dutch organisation of the 2015 World Championships of the COM.

That event will take place in the Autotron in Rosmalen. All the halls will be used for the show and the special bird market. The Dutch organisation has a goal to reach the 30.000 species of birds on the Show. Which will make these Championships in the Netherlands the biggest of the World again.

Not only for competition but as well to look at the rare species it will be “the place to be”. All over the world bird people or ornithologists will look forward to this event and encourage others to be there. The show will be open for public from the 22nd of January till Sunday the 25th of January 2015.

The Dutch organisation did present the show and themselves dignified. The weather was splendid and gave this reunion already a good feeling for next January. Visitors from all over the world will spend more days over here, meet all their friends, have a tour to lots of locations in the Netherlands, enjoy a good Hotel and off course have a splendid time at the show.

All information will be on the site of the organisation www.mondialcom2015.com on this blog or by the Tourist information at Den Bosch (s-“Hertogenbosch).

Hope you all have a very good breeding season and look forward to your participation on the Show.
We, the members of the CD and the EC, are participating in our hobby as well. By a occasion like this it is fantastic to visit a breeder nearby of course. So I made an appointment with Allessandro Paparella to go to one of the best breeders in Gouldian Finches, Hein Gerritzen at Spijk. Further I went together with Carlos Ramoa to one of the best breeders of Bengalese Finches in the world, Fred Panjer. Looking at the birds, get information, make contacts for our work in the COM and of course to make friends!


Fred will help Carlos, one of the members who create the new standard of the Bengalese Finches, with foto’s and other information. Fred showed us his experiences in Japan where they create Bengalese Finches like Koi Carp (Karpers) in many different design. Discusions were made a lot to be learned. Fred did present the book of the Bengalese Finches of the Bengalese Finches Club in the Netherlands, signed by him, to Carlos.

Fred announced that, because of the 40th year of anniversary of the Bengales Finches Club (now together with the Longura’s and Ledbecks), there will be produced and published a special illustrated book of all colours, mutations and mutation combinations of these birds. This again will be a book to have for all bird people.
The present book is available by the Club site http://www.jmc-lonchura.nl/


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